December 2, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Photos from todays Bamberton expedition. Very interesting viewing in excellent (but chilly) weather.
Map showing location of "Cultural Center" site where we watched the "Mobiles" being placed on the foundation.
Then a short drive for a nice stroll on Bamberton Beach.

First Mobile being lifted --

And set in place on the foundation.

"Sidewalk Superintendents" over-see the operation.

Meanwhile the second Mobile arrives and is prepared for the lift.

Second Mobile is set in place.

Then it's time for a walk on the beach at Bamberton Park.

Rusty relic (old winch) sitting on the beach.

Is this left over from an ancient Sea Monster?

Mill Bay - Brentwood Ferry doing its run.

Beachcombers doing their thing.

And,of course, the inevitable Sea Gulls.

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