December 16, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Some jolly soul decorated this tree just behind the water tower.
A nice touch to start the climb.

A freighter anchored. Probably waiting for orders to proceed to Vancouver.

If you squint you can probably see the freighter near the left side of this photo.

The camera looking down on those looking up.

Looking down the west side of Cobble Hill Mtn over the valley below.

Down the slippery slopes.  The trail down was very steep in places.

OOPS! - The map ended up on the bottom.

Good jaunt up Cobble Hill Mtn with good company and finishing with a good meal.  Here is the track of our climb and stroll through Cobble Hill along with a few photos.

Starting at the Dog Park we headed up past the Cobble Hill (CH) Water Tower. Met lots of people and their dogs.  Stopped at the East side lookout then onto the West Side (WS)  and down a different trail. As you can see we finished up with a tour of the area before ending up at the Cobblestone Pub.  Notice by the Elevation points we climbed about 200 meters.

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