December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

A look back at 2013 with some of my photos from various activities.  Remember when?

Jan.7 - Womens and Mens Walking Groups meet head-on on the E&N Railway tracks.

Jan 28 - Lunch at the Fan Tan Alley Cafe. Mens Walking Grooup.

Feb 18 - Shot (with camera) during walk from Legion to Shawnigan School.

Feb 22 - Woodcarving Group in action.

Mar 4 - Mens-Womens Walking Groups snowshoeing at Mt. Washington.

Apr 7 - YSAG display at Shawigan Gathering.

Apr 7 - YSAG Line Dancers at Shawnigan Gathering.

May 20 - Holidaying in May via my old hometown of Falkland.  Here is some action from Falkand 95th Stampede.

Jun 2 - Part of the YSAG contingent taking part in the Walk for Cowichan Caregivers.

July 1 - Shawniogan Canada Day Parade - YSAG Float and Zumba Group.

July 1 - Kids building birdhouses and tool boxes compliments of YSAG.

Aug 5 - Mens Walking inspecting the Shawnigan Weir.

Sept 2 - Somewhere between Burnt Bridge and Kinsol Trestle.

Sept 23 - Mens Biking on Galloping GooseTrail inVictoria. 

Oct 21 - Found during walk on Richards Trail.

Nov 4 - Rat Lake Walk.

Dec 2 - Cultural Center being assembled at Malahat Reserve.

Dec 17 - Zumba Group.

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