November 25, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Photos and maps from todays walk through the clear cut off Butler Rd.  GPS said 7km- 50% uphill - 50% downhill. 

The map on the bottom was meant to be on top. Difficult to reposition. - Dennis

Had to throw in this pic of the moon up above.
Great company. Great weather. Photo courtesy John H.

Frozen puddles make for interesting subjects.

The "Rock pit/pond".- red flag on map. Possibly blasted out to get rock for roadways.

Panoramic view overlooking Shawnigan Lake.

"Jack Frost artwork.
Google Earth map showing extent of clearcut - nice and neat with just a few patches left here and there. Our walking track shown in blue. White traces are logging roads. Power transmission line cut neatly through at bottom left.

Started at Butler Rd. Water in the rock pit (Red flag) was frozen over. Elevation at the point where we turned around to come back was 342 metres, slightly less than the Malahat Summit.

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