November 18, 2013

Computer/Photography group

Hello All,
Here is our agenda for our November 19 meeting.
1.) Our first topic will be a discussion on passwords and why there is a need for strong and different passwords. The following excerpt is from "Ask Leo":
Why is it so important to use a different password on every site?
I keep hearing that I'm supposed to use a different password on every internet site where I have an account. What a pain! I can't remember all of those passwords. Yeah, I know. You want me to use a password manager thing, but that seems like putting a bunch of really important things into a single basket. What if that basket gets hacked? I use a strong password, why isn't that enough?
The hacks of several online services have brought this issue to light once again.
I'm sorry, but a single strong password just isn't enough anymore. You must use different strong passwords on every site where you have an account – at least, every important site.
And yes, then you must devise a way to manage them all.
Let me run down an example scenario that's causing all of this emphasis on multiple different passwords.
Discussion to follow.
2.) The other topic will be a discussion of word processing,etc. programs. We all are somewhat familiar with Microsoft Office and it's many variations. There is another program available called Open Office and it is free. Mike and I will also be introducing Open Office to our Beginners Computing class on Wednesday.
3.) As mentioned in earlier meetings, photography topics may get intorduced in computer sessions and vice versa. We saw the excellent mushrooms/fungi pictures that Vera has taken this Fall. Great work, Vera and Thank You for sharing. Below is one I took on our Men's Walk.
Mushrooms at Rat Lake

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