November 22, 2013

Computer/Photography group

Many years ago I found and used a site called Gibson Research Corporation. The URL is: . Among other things it was capable of testing your(my) computer as to how visible it was to potential hackers,viruses and malware. I had forgotten about it but came across it again. The site with all it's information has grown to be very complex and probably overload for most of us. It also is disturbing as to what the internet can and does find out about us. We all worry about what the government knows about us but I think we should be more concerned about what, unknown to us, other entities are out there monitoring who knows what.
I will demonstrate a little program on this site called "Shields Up!". It is free and easy to do and may make you feel good if your computer passes or you may find some surprises. The site has good explanations about what goes on, "under the hood".
Please note: I talked to Mike and he informed me that you talked about this site when I was away - O well, it is worth revisting.
This seagull also is concerned and wondering about it all also.
For our photography members I will direct you to a site hosted by photographer Darlene Hildabrendt from Edmonton. She calls it 'Her View' and over a short time the site has grown and is full of great information about photography.
See it here.
The big news is that she now is Managing Editor of Digital Photography School(DPS) another great source of photography knowledge and is based in Australia. The energy some people have, Eh!
See it here.
So, for next Tuesday bring your ideas, curiousity and questions to the meeting, both for computers and photography.
P.S.: I have added the names of our Beginning Computing Class to this Group Mailing. So, new members Welcome and see what we are doing in our other sessions.

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