October 28, 2013

Men's Walking Group

My maps and photos from today's walk(s).  Weather, company and lunch were all great as usual. - Dennis.

Left  highway at Morden Rd (bottom left) -trail from Colliery remains (blue flag)  down to Nanaimo River (red flag) about 1 Km each way - then up Akenhead Rd  and Cedar Rd over to Hemer Park (red flag) where we did about 4 or 5 Km thru the park and back alongside Holden Lake - then back and down Cedar Rd to the Crow & Gate (red flag) for a delicious lunch and brew.

Main shaft hoist structure - steam engines lifted coal up the shaft which was sunk about 600 feet down.

Another view - is that a stairway up the left side?

This arch formed the base of a 60 foot smoke stack.

Natures art work.

More of nature - lots of dead salmon - a few still struggling to spawn -

-which made these guys happy.

A great place to sit and watch nature at work.

More of Mother Natures Art.

Wild life was scarce.

Nice park - nice wide trails -  viewing deck on the marsh - nice view of Holden Lake.

Part of the marsh from the viewing deck.

Looking across Holden Lake.

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