October 14, 2013

Computer/Photography group

Hello All Computer/Photography members,
Well, I was gone for one week and I missed you all. I hear you had a great time at the photography meeting talking about computers. That's all right, I plan to show you some great mushroom pictures at the next computer meeting.
1) The Blackberry phone that was given to me recently(about 6 months ago) has developed intermittent problems of going dead completely or showing only a blank screen. This gave me an excuse to buy a new smart phone and I chose the Samsung Galaxy S4. It's a rather large phone but it sure does everything you might think of. I'll bring it to the meeting. So far I think it is a better phone than the iPhone 5 s/c.
2) I got caught again downloading more than I wanted. This time it is a search engine called Snap Do and it just will not go away. It now is in all 3 browsers, Firefox, IE and Google. Will ask for advice on how to remove it.
3) Your questions, concerns, and input as always is welcome.
1) Our next photography session is October 22. This happens to be the day of the IMAX trip to Victoria. I was planning to go to this and also attend the IMAX show instead of actually doing photography stuff. We should discuss this further tomorrow.

These according to Ed Hughes are short stemmed Rossulas. They are usaully white but when they are infected with a parasite they turn bright orange and become very tasty! We did not taste them.

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