October 28, 2013

Computer/Photography group

One of 4 trees coming down in our back yard.

Hello All,
This is short notice for our meeting tomorrow, Oct. 29 which is for computers but we all know the time and place, so it is just letting you know my proposed agenda.
1) I am planning to do a Skype demonstration. It is very easy to use and works best if both parties have the Skype program, although you can make regular phone calls also(for a small fee).
2) Two little programs I have on my computer called a)Belarc Adviser and b)Speccy that tell you a lot about what hardware and software you are using and how well your computer is working is great information. I'll demonstrate them.
3) The rest of the meeting is for individual questions and hopefully useful answers.
Next week for our photography meeting, lets see who can show the best fungi pictures. This year has been a bumper crop. I like to find the mushrooms and take pictures but I'm not very brave so no eating them for me.


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