August 25, 2013

YSAGS Comuter/Photography group

Hello YSAGS photographers,
We have talked about editing or post production of our photos after they are moved from the camera to the computer. Some cameras allow you to edit in camera but my experience is that the image is much too small on the camera monitor to work on and most camera's editing capabilities are quite limited. There are however many editing programs available and some free ones are great to become familiar with the various possibilities without being overwhelming. I can suggest a few if you are interested.
A photography site called Cambridge in Colour has many great tutorials. I'll talk about one that outlines a good procedure on post production for your images once they have been downloaded to your computer. Below are their suggestions in 10 steps.

Lori Treloar - Curator of the Shawnigan Lake Museum will visit us during this meeting. She will talk to us about the museum and how we can participate as photographers.
Check the Museums website here:
AND as usual we will talk a bit about computers and/or try to find answers to questions that any of us might have.


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