August 18, 2013

YSAGS Computer/Photography group

Hello All,
1) On our last meeting we started a discussion about how much is visible to others when we log on to the internet via WiFi on other than our home network. We found there is a lot that other computers can see about our computers when the settings are not set for privacy. Let's spend some time checking each of our computers when connected to the Legion router and see what others can see about us and what settings will work to hide our information.
2) Up for discussion. Just how many firewalls, antivirus programs and spam filters does one need? Is there one good program out there that will cover the whole problem? Come prepared with your opinions and ideas and what you are using. Do you feel secure and protected with what you have.
3) We all hear how important backing up your files is. For years I have backed up my computer files. (Not in a good organized manner). I have never needed to actually retrieve files and I'll admit, I might not know how when and if the crunch comes. Do you know how to manage your back up system and how to retrieve the files?
4) Our blog needs to have some maintenance done and maybe redesigned. I need your advice and suggestions. Please send me an email listing your thoughts and ideas. If you see an issue but don't tell me your thoughts it won't get fixed.

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