September 9, 2012

Photography Group

Hello Photographers,
This Tuesday we will start the photography season discussing amera flash and how to use it.
Please bring your cameras, manual and a tripod if you have one. We will do some hands on practice with discussion.
In addition here is something to think about
This article makes one think about photography in a quite different (light?). We have always been told that photography is all about light. It turns out it really is all about dark. The camera spews out dark and the amount of dark escaping is controlled by the aperture and shutter speed. When too much dark escapes, a white image is recorded. There is an exception to this rule of course. If you consider "red eye", the red colour is sucked back from the person's eyes. This can make the person in the image quite unhappy.
Many camera flash units are actually dark sippers in that their sucking action is affective only for short distances. This needs to be kept in mind when using you flash.

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