September 2, 2012

Hello Computer/Photography group,
Well, that was a short summer, wasn't it? It is time for us to again get serious about computers and their weird and mysterious workings. An example of this is the problem of how to get to post on this Blog from Picasa. Vera sent me an email about not being able to do it and I just tried and it does not work for me either.
So, the first order of business on Tuesday, Sept.4 is to see what is happening and hopefully get it working again.
On Sept. 11 we will focus on Photography.

Here are 2 pictures from our recent camping trip to Horne Lake Caves. We did the self guided tour and really enjoyed it. The guided tour was $24 per person, so for 4 people just about $100(we did not do that). I will explain on Tuesday how I got them into this post from Picasa.

Some of the interesting formations in the cave.
Here is Alice, Mark(son) and Ashton(grandson).

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