May 22, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Monday was a great walking day for the three die-hard
walkers who turned up on a misty morning.We just
crossed over the road to Gibsons Park to check out the
Lady's Slippers and Coralroot, then explored all the
other walking paths over to the water tower.In case you
are wondering, we decided not to climb all the steps to
the top of it, and we didn't really stack all that wood
either, but Rouhi's pedometer isn't known to
exaggerate and it said we did over 6km before heading
back to the Legion for some of Don's great coffee.
Thanks Don.
Thank you Joan, for this weeks pictures and news of
your walk.
Next monday May 28th we will walk some of the
Cowichan  River Trail, then into Cowichan Lake to
have our lunch at The Shaker Mill Restaurant.
Leaving the Legion at 9:30 am.     V.M.

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