May 20, 2012

Computer/Photography Group

Hello Computer/Photography YSAGers,
We meet on May 22 at 10 am to talk about and learn new ways to operate our computers.
Some programs I've downloaded that might prove interesting to you are: 1) Slim Cleaner. It is like a streamlined CCleaner.
2) Tree Size Free. It will show you what all is on your C drive or whichever drive you want to check. This might help to see what might be worth deleting. 3) Duplicate Finder. A program that shows the many files that are or may be duplicates and taking up extra disk space.
These programs can all be found at CNet Download and are free. I haven't had a chance to really try these out and they may have a bit of a learning curve but they get good ratings from CNet.
This email is for the C/P group and so I need to include at least one picture.
Cheers, Ed

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