February 25, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Cold and crisp this morning.  "Timmies'" beckoned - but first we must get the walk done.  Nine of us walked about 6 Km in the chilly air.  Not too much in photo ops but the map and some pics are below.  Yes, we did finish the walk at Tim Hortons  --  DeNNis.

Follow the trace in a counter-clockwise direction all the way around starting where we left the cars just above Tim Hortons (top left).

We are about to prove that mortals can walk on water --
well, the frozen version, anyway.

It can get a little slippery in places though.

The snowy parts were okay - just had to watch for frozen water on roads.

An Inukshuk adds to the winter garden décor.

Bonzai plantings are interesting, too.

Frozen puddles add beauty to the otherwise dull roadways.

Some protected stairways --

Some not so much.

Walking on frozen water is not so tough.

Pretty chilly - even some cars had to dress for the weather.

Some more ice art.

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