March 4, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Nine of us braved the --5 degree morning temperature for about an 8 or 9 km walk through Shawnigan School grounds.  It proved to be quite invigorating.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Across the road from the Legion, through Cairn Park to Wilmot Ave, then onto the E&N tracks and up behind Masons Store and down a couple side streets to the Shawnigan School grounds.  Back along Renfrew and Shawnigan Lake Rd for coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House and return to the Legion.

Through the snow in Cairn Park up to Wilmot Ave.

Along the tracks by the lake which was frozen over in places -

-- as you can see by the
reflection under this rock.

Masons store.

Behind Masons store.

Someone got quite a ways up this tree to add this face.

In the Shawnigan School grounds  --  the sign says it all.

More frozen water.

Photo stop on one of a few small bridges in the area.

The fairly recent Ice Rink.

Looking out onto the ice from the lobby.

Bronze elk statue.
Looking down the street from near the entrance to
Shawnigan School.

Those are not birds on the pond.  It, too, is frozen.

Lots of greenery on
this tree.

Planter by Shawnigan Coffee House.



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