February 18, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Roads are clear.  Time for a drive into Victoria and a walk along the Songhees waterfront area with a lunch stop along the way.  Seven of us did about 8 to 9 Km today.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at Bamfield Park off Craigflower Rd (top - near center) and did a large counter-clockwise loop as shown.  Not too much in photo-ops until we got to West Bay Marina (bottom left).

West Bay Marina has expanded a lot since we last were there.
It now goes from where the old Work Point Barracks gate was
to where Head St starts up the hill.

The "facilities" at the end of West Bay Marina.

Lots of floating homes.

A heron sitting in the tree ignoring all the commotion below.

A very busy harbor.  Float planes coming and going --

The foot-passenger ferry from Seattle --

And the Coho heading for Port Angeles, Washington.

The figure on the right on this little island is shown below.

An Inukshuk.

No, we did not stop at Spinnakers Brew Pub.

A couple of otters entertained along the walk way.

Until they got bored.

Lots to see along the walk --

Each group minding their own business.

The new bridge with lots of space for whatever.

Sculling races happening.

Checking out the gearing of the new bridge.

The little Harbour Ferry fleet.

Making our way through Fan Tan Alley.

At last -- the Fan Tan Café.

Where a good lunch was enjoyed by all.

The murals along Government St are very interesting.

Spotted on top of a building.

The Selkirk Trestle.

Back at Bamfield Park  --  these are welcome snow drops.

The playground is very quiet even on Family Day.  Probably
something to do with the weather.

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