February 4, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Snow and cold -- not holding us back.  Six of us braved the elements to do a six to seven kilometer walk from the Legion around the Shawnigan area.  Map and photos below.

Follow the trace from the Legion in a clockwise loop.  We got sidetracked and went down Jersey Rd but soon got back on the right track.  --  DeNNis.

This is what it looked like outside my house this morning.

Across Shawnigan-Mill Bay Road and up through Cairn Park.

Daffodils, maybe??

Up the pathway through Cairn Park.

This oddly growing tree is
in Cairn Park.

Odd backyard ornament.  Fortunately NIMBY.

Unique tree house along
Bob-O-Link trail. (Rear view)

Front view.  Notice the
trees are included into the

As we come off Bob-O-Link trail onto Elford Road we see the
Cowichan Cricket and Sports Club.

We pass a yard with a pond and a fancy bridge.  Probably a
Bed and Breakfast.

The sign tells us this is Phase One of the "Rail Trail" alongside
the E&N railroad tracks.

Bob lining up for a good shot of Shawnigan Lake from the 
CVRD wharf.

Panoramic shot of the lake from the CVRD wharf.

Back up across the tracks to the road.

The Shawnigan Historical Society Museum.

Passed this guy on the way into the
Shawnigan Coffee House.  He is saying
"I would like something warm to drink, too."

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