July 29, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Eight of us did about 9 Km today checking up on the status of Mill Springs.  Map and lots of GREAT photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We parked the cars on Deloume Rd just above Time Horton's and did a convoluted counter-clockwise loop from there around and through Mill Springs ending up with coffee at Tims.

A lot of the trails to and through Mill Springs are still in a very
natural state.

Some natures gardens.

Some narrow windy paths.

More of natures plant pots.

One of my favorite shaped tree trunks.

Some groomed pathways.

Danger signs along the
ravine area in various spots.

A few interesting shadow

Some tree shapes make for framed shots.

More interesting shadow patterns.

Moving shadows.

What is this plant (weed)?

Looks like a dandelion -- my book says Aspargidium
(Microseris Borealis).

Someone is using this swampy looking water runoff area as a
spot to sit and contemplate.

Rest time.

A home for "Mason Bees".

A few Ups and Downs on  this walk.

More of those "shadow walkers".

Mill Springs gazebo and park area.

I think we are being monitored.

How can you tell it was a sunny day??

Bees are busy pollinating.

Large Monkey tree at top of
Deloume Rd.


Jim Becker (hidden) joined us for coffee.

And a couple surprise visitors.

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