July 8, 2019

Men's Walking Group

With Dennis away I will try to fill his shoes and get out to you where we walked and what we saw. Enjoy.

The plan was to park on Owl Rd. and explore the area behind the big fence and gate. Close inspection showed the fence had razor sharp wire coils and the gate could be bypassed but there was a big drop just past the gate. We got the message and did not walk there.
We found a new path through the woods and ended up on the Haul Road past the alpaca farm.

Here is a picture of our walk as recorded on my phone. I think we ended up with about 6 km.

Through the eerie woods we go.

We found signs of previous activities. Those scary ramps have not been used in years.

Almost through the forest.

Hey! We made it through. This is the familiar Haul Road.

Ah, what is this big black round thing?

A view down into the abandoned gravel pit.

A great find on an old garbage pile.

Not only that - a frying pan with some mystery concoction waiting for us. 

The Guardian of the alpaca farm.

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