March 11, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Nine of us took advantage of the slightly warmer weather to explore Mill Bay Nature Park.  We covered about 9 Km including our foray down to Whiskey Point.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked in the lot at Mill Bay Park (top left).  Walked directly down to Whiskey Point where we spent some time enjoying the scenery,, then back to Mill Bay Nature Park to explore until it was time to head for Tim Horton's and our coffee.

Back up the fairly steep hill which we just drove down to get
to Mill Bay Park.

A nicely finished driveway
marker on Whiskey Pt Rd.

A well stacked bunch of firewood which he probably won't be
using in the near future - makes a nice driveway border, though.

Looking back up Whiskey Point Road..

The path down to Whiskey Point Beach from the end of the road.

Looking up the beach towards Mill Bay Nature Park.


Brentwood College from Whiskey Point.

Back up the steep stairway.

This odd shaped Arbutus frames this driveway nicely.

Back down the steep hill towards Mill Bay Nature Park.

Quite a few little bridges and pathways through Mill Bay Park.

Looking over to Mill Bay Marina from the park.

A couple Mallard ducks enjoying the water.

That is Bill silhouetted in the background.  

Notice the huge burl on this old tree.

Houses and decorations - left by fairies(??)

Lots of trees down over the creek.

A couple of my other walking buddies happened to be in the
park at the same time as the Men's Walking Group.

Surveying the park.

Moss on top of a couple projections on this old stump make
for an odd design.

More fairy art?

Back at the parking lot - next stop, Tim's.

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