February 19, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Another very cool, brisk walk --  In the sunshine!  A beautiful day for an 8Km stroll from the Legion up to the Old Mill Park and back, ending with a coffee from the Shawnigan Coffee House.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Started at the Legion, through Cairn Park, a clockwise route as shown through Recreation
Road trailer park, Old Mill Park and back to the Legion. 

Mother Nature left some artwork in the form of iced over puddles.

What's this?  Fire hydrants "Not
in service"??  Saw 3 or 4 of these.

Cricket field on Elford Road.

Mt. Baldy in the distance.

The woodcarved stump on Recreation Road of the
Shawnigan Shaman.

Entrance to Old Mill Park.

Looking across the lake from Recreation Rd Trailer Park.

Panoramic view from the trailer park.

Many trees in bud.

Some ones creation in Old Mill Park.

Down the E&N tracks on the return leg.

Photo on the Museum wall of the Malahat Drive in the 1930's. 

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