February 12, 2018

Men's Walking Group

A cool (about 0°C) but sunny morning for a pleasant 6Km walk through Manley and Satellite Parks.  Stopped for coffee on the way back at Shawnigan Coffee House.
Parked the cars at the entrance to Manley Park (right).  The map shows the rest of the walk.

This pond was flowing over the concrete and full force through
the pipe just last week.  It is obviously controlled from up stream.

Looking down towards the beach from near the start of the trail.


Stairway down to the beach.  Tide was in so we opted out.

Coming off the Manley Park trail onto Aros Road.

Clearwater Dairy Farm at junction of  Lefran and Clearwater Rd.


Somebody's bucket has got a hole in it.


Lots of Snowdrops in bloom.


Down the stairway at the end of Clearwater Road.


Enjoying the beach at the end of Clearwater Rd.  This tree
is balancing on the one limb.

Looking across the water to Salt Spring Island.  On the mountain at the south end is a large rock wall.  Does anyone know what this is about??  Photo is at 15X Zoom.


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