January 8, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Supposed to rain.  A bit of a sprinkle but luck was with us again.  Good start for a New Year.  Not a great day for taking photos but here are the few I got for our first 2018 walk.

Parked on Deloume Rd behind Tim Hortons (top left).  Down across the Highway, through Mill Bay Center, and the clockwise loop as shown.

As stated, a slight drizzle, but not bad for a rainy forecast.

You can still make out our shadows on the pavement.

Spotted on Partridge Rd.  A 1962 Ford Thunderbird.

Starting down the path from Partridge Rd to Seaview Rd.

Looking down towards the water on Bay Rd. Socked in a bit.

This lot --

-- and this lot across the street, at the junction of Partridge and
Frayne Roads have been cleared for new construction.

This tree is ready to drop its pods for spring planting.

This sign was spotted on the ground alongside the perimeter
path of Mill Springs.

Part of the path along the perimeter of Mill Springs.

Mixed in with the Broom --

-- is Gorse in bloom.

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