November 6, 2017

Men's Walking Group

It was a brisk 9Km walk for the 10 of us before stopping at Tim Hortons for refreshments.  -- Brook

Cool morning - about minus 3 degrees.  Therefore, a brisk start to our walk, but the sun sure felt good as the morning progressed.  Map and many photos below.  --  DeNNis.

 Parked cars on Deloume Road behind Tim Hortons (top right) and did a huge clockwise loop.  I think the map is pretty self explanatory.

It is definitely fall weather.

The old stone bridge.

Lots of "big foot" leaves this year.

A few frozen puddles.

Looking up stream from the bridge on Shawnigan- Mill Bay Rd.

Just in case we should lose
our way.

Old wooden fence.

 Crossing the bridge near Wilkinson Rd.

This old guy is always waiting to greet us as we go up
Wilkinson Rd.


We cross the highway by Petrocan and head down Church Way.

Check out the headstones at the old church (now the Mill Bay
and Bamberton Heritage Center).

Many flights of stairs down to the creek.
(Approximately 100 steps)

The salmon are netted from the creek and put in holding tanks --

-- then sent up this railing in
containers where they are
hauled off to Shawnigan Creek.

The highway above us.

Not as large as past years.

Coffee Time!!

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