October 30, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Nice day for a drive into Victoria and a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, across the Selkirk Trestle and the Blue Bridge for an update on progress.  Lots of stuff to take photos.  -- DeNNis.

It was a great trek since the last time started with rain and ended with it heavy snow fall.  We did the 8Km around the upper harbor stopping at the Fan Tan Cafe in China town for lunch.  -- Brook

Started our walk at Banfield Park (bottom left), across the Selkirk Trestle doing a large clockwise loop through part of downtown, across the Johnson St (Blue) Bridge, past Point Hope shipyards and return.

Overlooking the water from Banfield Park.

Across the Selkirk Trestle.

 Selkirk Trestle from the other direction.

An interesting piece of artwork.

Lots of walkways along the waterfront.

Lonely sunflower by itself.

Ellis Auto advertisement sitting on the roof.

If you are lost by Vancouver Island Brewery, just
send these co-ordinates to 911 for rescue.

Murals along Government St.

And Discovery Street.

Not in a any hurry to leave Capital Iron.

One of many Heritage Buildings.

Down in the inner harbor at the Canoe Club.

Parts for the long overdue new Johnson St bridge.

Interesting sculpture.

Harbor Ferry terminal.

Paddle boarders heading down under the Blue bridge.

The stairway inside the old Janion Hotel building.  No - it is not haunted!
Just some weird reflections.

Gate of Harmonius Interest at entrance to Chinatown.

Guess where we had lunch.

Across the Blue Bridge.

The Canada 150 Icebreaker that arrived in Victoria Sunday
after travelling from coast to coast to coast.

The new VtoV Ferry in for repairs at Point Hope Shipyard.

Amazing what a different viewpoint does to our perception.

Under the Point Ellice Bridge.

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