February 27, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Walking in a winter wonderland   ---   NOT what we expected!  But - All's well that ends well.  It was still an enjoyable outing and will make us appreciate Spring that much more - when it comes.   ---  DeNNis.

This map is already so cluttered that I couldn't add much.  Follow the "yellow brick road" from where we parked in Bamfield Park (top right) in a clockwise direction and it should tell the story.

Notice the grass is green.

Mansion on the hillside.

Across the Selkirk Trestle.  Watch for bicyclists.

Looking south -sort of.

Looking up the Gorge waterway.

The yellow print on the pavement in the bottom center of the
photo states "You are here".  Okay!

Cock of the walk.

A unique piece of sculpture - probably very costly.

Yes - that is snow.

Even though the shrubs are blooming.

The Rock Bay Mural project.

Stopped in at Phillips Brewery for a break from the snow.
Sneaked a picture of the huge vats. 

Psychedelic paint jobs add interest to the neighborhood.

In Capital Irons' Outdoor Garden Center.

Inside their lower level.

Looking across the Capital Iron parking lot, this mural looks very real.

Making our way through
Fan Tan Alley.

The Gate of Harmonious Interest.

Feeling better and warmer after an excellent lunch.

A little more snow but this person doesn't mind.

The old Blue Bridge.

Beneath the Pt Ellice Bridge.

Lots of snowdrops.

The once-green grass is now WHITE. 

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