February 13, 2017

Men's Walking Group

A beautiful day for a "no-snow" stroll around Mill Bay and Mill Springs areas.  It is nice to get back to our normal weather pattern with blue sky and sunshine.  Not much in the way of photo ops but here is what I have.  --  DeNNis.

Parked on Deloume Rd just behind Tim Hortons and did a clockwise loop down across the highway, thru Mill Bay Center, up Partridge, over to Frayne, up through Mill Springs and back down Deloume Rd..  My maps don't show many Mill Springs streets unfortunately.

An incident at the intersection below Tim Hortons - didn't
appear to be too serious.

A pansy growing out of the brickwork and sidewalk at what
used to be Valley Vines to Wines in Mill Bay Center.

Through a snowy path from Partridge over to Seaview Rd.

Looking past Whskey Pt to Saltspring Island from Seaview Rd.

In Mill Springs.  Guard dog not home, fortunately.

Deloume Park in Mill Springs.  Still to much snow to enjoy.

Coming out of Mill Springs onto Deloume Rd.  Just local traffic
up in this area.

The Mill Bay Water Board office on Deloume Rd.

Seen on Deloume Rd near Lodgepole Rd.
Poor Squirrel.  Got up high off the road  --  but his "high"
became a profound "low"  --  looks like he hit some hot wires.

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