January 4, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Below is my version of todays stroll above and through through Mill Springs.  The map kind of shows Brooks' explanation of  our walk.  --  DeNNis

Started at Serious Coffee (right center) and did a counter-clockwise loop after a couple of false starts.  This is Google Earth view of Mill Springs. Might need a little zoom to read street names.
Heading up the trail off Benko Rd.

Its beginning to look a lot like winter - almost!

Mother Natures art.

Looking north from above Mill Springs.

Good thing these guys didn't take a tumble.

A very interesting yard.  Neat carvings.

Coming down the slippery slope on to Elgit Rd.
 (New construction area,)

About time  -- a kid size bench.

Whiskey Point from Lodgepole Rd.


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