January 25, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Below are my offerings from todays walk to Whiskey Point and Mill Bay Park.

Both the weather and the company were great as usual.   ---   DeNNis.

Parked by what used to be the Baytown Restaurant by Petrocan (top left), walked down Kilmalu Rd
to Whiskey Point (bottom right), then back through Mill Bay Park and through Beehive RV Park on the return trip.

Time for a Snowdrop count.

The Arbutus branch adds to the gateway, I think.

Down to Whiskey Point Beach.


We seem to have a spy in our midst.

Up the down-staircase.
Notice the unique tree branches to the left.
A very unique fence along the driveway.
To the left is an enlargement of the sign in this photo.

More "nature art".

The viewing from the bridge.

You can't say we didn't get our feet wet.


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