October 5, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Nine of us walked about 8 to 9 Kms today from the Legion through the Shawnigan School grounds and back, stopping for coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House on the way back.  The weather, as usual, was perfect.  Another great outing.

From the Legion (bottom right) we went past the Old Hall (1), then up and to the left counter-clockwise as shown by the blue trace. 

Looks like demolition of the old hall is about to begin.

Some fancy scroll work - looks like it is being put aside for future use.

Looking across the lake from the railway tracks.

A tangled relationship.

Mushrooms or Toadstools?

Part of the playing field area.

The new Ice Rink.

Always lots of colour around the school grounds.

Including Mother Natures contributions.
Is this a stand-off or are they just
ignoring each others' presence??

A backward glance as the walkers leave the school.


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