September 28, 2015

Men's Walking Group

The following is my version of a great walk on the Esquimalt-Victoria waterfront today.  So many photo opportunities - here are some of them.  Weather and company, as always, were great.  -  DeNNis.

Walked from West Bay Marina (top left) along the waterfront promenade, named "Westsong Way", to and across the Blue Bridge.  Did a small jog up a side street to view the bridge construction from the other side, then back to West Bay along the same route where we enjoyed a well deserved lunch. 

The water was dead calm - great mirror.

One of many beautiful views.

Little show-off  -  Right alongside the walkway  -
not afraid of  walkers passing by.  One of three that
otter know better.

Deiter got a good shot at the geese.

Busy, busy harbour.

Busy, busy, busy harbour.

Across the Blue Bridge and then back we go.

"Hybrid Cityscape" -  Look out for the boat!!

Enjoying the weather and the views.

Two of the three little rascals back down by the water on
our return trip.  Couldn't catch all three in one shot.

Some poppies growing on the bank.

Lunch at GABY'S SEASIDE RESTAURANT on our return to West Bay Marina.

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