September 7, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Six of us walked in the Burnt Bridge area today.  Parked at the Koksilah River Provincial Park where Ed led us up a logging road and off into some bush trails and finished with a stroll through what used to be the camping area.The map is pretty much self-explanatory.  My GPS says we did 5.5 Km.  Thanks, John A., for driving.  Finished off with coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House.

View from Burnt Bridge.  Water is still fairly deep but level is still
away below normal.

We did the Wild Deer Creek trail plus some others.

Reflections - Koksilah River.

We threw Caution to the winds -

- the creek bed is bone-dry.

Someone provided a comfortable setting by the river.
The plastic chair has a pull-up branch above it for exercising.

Old log bridge crossing Wild Deer Creek - signs at either end suggest
light truck traffic only.

Scenic little waterfall on Wild Deer Creek.

Interesting moss growth on
 some trees. 

Mother Nature playing with Autumn colours.

Finished with a stroll through what was the camping area.

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