August 11, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Ten hardy souls braved the elements (barely a sprinkle) and hiked a whole 6 Km Monday.  Figured we deserved a coffee at Serious Coffee - Frayne Center  on our successful return.

Parked behind Frayne Center (right-top) - up Benko Rd too far - turned back, followed Bamberton motorized trails - ended up at North-end of Rat Lake - down the west side - then Bambrton Haul Road and down more trails back to Frayne Center.

Bridges over basicly dry creek beds.

Doing the Lily pad count.

Rat Lake panorama.

Rat Lake reflections.

Looks like some Butterfly Bush among the grasses.

I will be away for two or three weeks  --  good time to do the really tough walks.  Enjoy  --  DeNNis.

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