August 6, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Again!  --  better late than never.  On Monday-Aug. 3rd,  seven of us took a slightly different route from Gregory Rd in Shawnigan Estates to the Quarry.  Another good day for a walk - not quite as hot and we were in the trees a lot.  Enjoyed our coffee later at Shawnigan Coffee House.  --  DeNNis.

Parked at the end of Gregory Rd (top left) - kept right on the first loop -left on the second loop - clockwise around the  Quarry (lower trail) - left on the first return loop - then right on the last return loop  --  Confused?

Some pretty steep ups and downs along the way.

We arrive at the Quarrys west end.

Panorama from west end of Quarry.

The Geese have their own private surfing board.

Looking up from the Quarrys edge.

This looks like a blade from some large piece of eqipment.

Where did this pebble come from - looks lonesome by itself.

Resting after a tough climb.

The Quarry from above an "alien spaceship landing field."

Recognize this?  YSAG birdhouse kit -
assembled by some young person -
spotted on our walk.
Mother Nature finds
beauty in dead plants.

I followed Robert on a different part of the path -
thought this was a unique bridge.
Right in the middle of the path - amazingly they hadn't been trampled.

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