June 29, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Great day  -  Great company  -   Great walk  -  and a bit of history.  Took about 75 photos of heritage houses - just a fraction of the total in Victoria.  Below is a small sample.  Caution, I may not have some of the facts straight.  HAVE A GREAT SUMMER.   ---   DeNNis.

Walked counter-clockwise from where we parked the cars, around the loop as shown, and then onto the Beagle Pub.  Then we worked off some lunch on the way back to the cars.

 Heritage houses should be in Heritage colors - B&W.

Apparently this used to be a bordello.

 Don't remember dates, but most of these were
built between 1910 and 1920.

Hampton Court

First apartment block in Victoria -
even comes with parking.

Victoria Lawn Bowling Club.

First apartment unit with Penthouse suite.

Notice the "eyebrow" dormer.

This little garage needed an extension as cars
became longer.

Note the rounded porch.

Used to be a small store in the ground floor of
this building.

So many houses, almost forgot to smell the flowers.

Looking out over Juan de Fuca Straight.

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