June 1, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Pleasant, familiar walk behind Legion and up Bamberton-Haul Rd, then Cobble Hill Rd and back to Legion.  The "Google Earth" map version is probably the best.  Below are my few photos.  ---  DeNNis.

Follow the trace counter-clockwise from the Legion. 

"Battle of the buds" - Wild Rose and Broom.

Meeting ourselves enroute.

Daisies are doing okay.

Big-leaf maple - not so good.


Unique sign we have seen before.

Wouldn't want to try biking over this even before it deteriorated.

Mother Nature at work again.

Doing our bending exercises.

Arbutus - dead leaves and new growth attached to the
same branch ends.  Is this due to the long dry spell?

Why did we walk - lots of bikes available - and nourishment.

Reflections at the little park near Masons Beach.

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