January 12, 2015

My map and photos from what I will call our Walmart Friendship Trail walk today.  Good weather, good company, good walk.  -  DeNNis.

Parked the cars in the Walmart Parking lot in Duncan.(top-right of center).  From there, just follow the red arrows on the Yellow Brick Road.  Should be fairly self-explanatory, I hope.

The sign that greeted us.

This bridge crosses Bing Creek where the Friendship Trail joins the Galloping Goose/Cowichan
Valley trail.

Bing Creek - looking pretty muddy.

Unique fencing beside trail by new development going in near Cowichan Valley Trail.

Kind of a neat gateway into private property alongside Cowichan Valley Trail.
Still decorated for Christmas with lights ablaze.

The trail runs alongside the E&N tracks and the highway just south of the
Cowichan Commons Shopping  Centre.

Mother Natures' art out of chaos.

Time to rest and discuss tactical plan.

A little more artwork by Mother Nature and Human Help

Had to put this in  -  couldn't look up far enough, so held the camera back over
my head and hit the exposure button.  Talk about a lucky shot - but I will argue
that it was planned. 

Missed seeing this guy today.  He was further back on the Cowichan Valley Trail.
Took this shot when we walked there back in April of 2014.

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