January 19, 2015

Men's Walking Group

My map and a few shots of our long, sloppy walk up Mt Wood and back down to the Last Spike on the E&N tracks.  Must admit it was fun though.  Enjoyed the company and the exercise.  DeNNis.

The trusty "Yellow Brick Road".  Went through the Easter Seal Camp (top left) up to the E&N railway tracks - along to where we caught the Mt Wood Trail.  Then a long slog up the ATV trails until we got up to where the sun was shining through (top right area of the map).  We climbed about 240 meters - our maximum elevation was 400 meters, up from 160 meters at the track level.  Some steep downhill back down to the railway tracks.  Then a fair jaunt back to where the Last Spike is located, very close to where we started up the mountain.
Some stragglers getting started.

A little trouble finding a dry walking path.

Just a few small lakes along the way.

Nice blue sky - so where did all the water come from??

Some kids like to stamp their feet in the puddles!!

So far - so good.  Most of us still smiling  --

But a few more rivers to ford  --

And a few more hills to climb.

BEER break!!  We should have been collecting - lots of empties along the way.

Back on track - or should I say on THE tracks.

This should have been where we started up the mountain instead of where we finished.

The Last Spike Cairn.

Plaque on Cairn.

Plaque in ground.

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