July 29, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us made the grueling hike around the Quarry today under the scorching summer sun. Pretty hard to handle but we persevered. Rewarded ourselves with coffee at Subway.

Parked by Burnham Park (bottom right). Overlooked the Quarry at Viewing Area, then took lower path counterclockwise around Quarry and reversed direction to clockwise around upper path. Stopped to check out old Oven. (Shown in wrong location in this map - correct locatiion in photo below)
Had to show this - Google Earth has greatly improved their map images.
Panoramic view from Viewing area.

This may be the one-winged Canada Goose that has been here for 2 or 3 years - only one we encountered.

Dragon Fly in flight.

Thought this might be a Corona Float, but looks like Twisted Lemon.

Looking pretty good considering our tough journey.

Very attractive weeds - have no idea what it is.

Panorama from the opposite side of the Quarry.

The Old Oven - must investigate history.

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