July 14, 2014

Men's Walking Group

The Men's Walking group continues to walk every Monday morning. Even in the heat! We were 10 of us this morning and we covered about 9 km. We made a loop walking the trails behind the Legion, past the Alpaca farm, and a really tough trail back where we had to climb over and under many fallen trees.
We had a surprise visit at the Legion before our walk of three Peacocks.
See pictures below.


Since Dennis is away and not available with his GPS, here is my Backpacker app on my Samsung phone. The blue line is the trail we took. The green button is our start and the red button is our finish. It is possible to mark waypoints as we walk along,

Dieter got pictures of the three Peacocks. The males tail feathers look rather pathetic I think. I quess the two peahens are OK with it though since they are staying with him.

This "avid" photographer got too close and chased them away!

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