July 29, 2013

Men's Walking Group

     Eight hardy walkers challenged Mt Tzouhalem today.  Our "hiking-odometers" failed us but we know it was 10+ km as we did a little extra loop enroute to the "cross" on top.   After our descent we rewarded ourselves with a great lunch at "Original Joes Restaurant and Bar" in Duncan.  Thanks both Den(n)ises for driving.

     Since next Monday, Aug 5th, is a holiday we will do a local walk behind the Legion.
The "Cross", taken from on our walk Feb. 23-2009.  We thought it was wooden, but is
obviously the same metal one.  Notice how foggy it was that day.

Cobwebs on the twigs growing atop the rotting stump - natures neat art work.

Atop one of the viewpoints on Mt Tzouhalem.

Some weird shaped trees.

This one made a great handrail right alongside the steep path.

Panoramic view of Cowichan Bay from the top of Mt Tzouhalem.

I zoomed in on the "Butter Church" from the top of Mt Tzouhalem.


Another view of the "CROSS".

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