May 28, 2013

Womens Walking Group

The ladies parked at Brentwood College and walked to the Mill Bay Marina.There are now more boats,some larger luxury vessels.A new bistro has opened and condos are for sale.(expensive)
They returned to the college to join the mens walking group for a guided tour of the new
Millennium Trail.Thank you,Denis for arranging this most interesting day and inviting the womens walking group.It was a wet,rainy day,which we ignored as our guide Mike was most informative
about the many features of the trail,then went on to show us many of the indoor work areas,class-
rooms,and explanations of the students curriculum.The college has 463 students.We all enjoyed
lunch in the cafeteria which has a large selection of foods and can seat up to 500 people.The total
distance for the walks was 7.3 K. Thanks to people who helped with the blog.Next Monday June 3rd.
we meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.Please bring suggestions for a walk.Thank you Joan for some of
the following photos.          V.M.

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