October 27, 2012

Computer/Photography group

Hello Computer experts,
Next Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 10:30 we will talk about Malware, questionable sites that get into your computer and how they mess it up.
I will talk about my experience the last few days with Malware and how I managed to tame it. Then, today I find another unwanted program has crawled into my computer. These both are space/activity hogs and my CPU usage is at 100% many times.
My experience: 1) A few days ago my computer became unresponsive for minutes and strange things were happening so that I had to reboot.
2) I noticed my CPU running at 100% for minutes.
3) I ran a number of programs such as CCleaner, Slim Cleaner, Avast had been on all the time and the Firewall was on.
4) I ran Malwarebytes and did a defrag. using Malwarebytes.
5) Malwarebytes found 49 entries of PUP.MyWebSearch. I quarantened these.
6) That and/or the defrag. pretty well solved the problem and I again had a reasonably fast reliable computer.
7) Quiz question: Do any of you know what the PUP stands for? Do a search in Google.
8) I thought my problems were over, but just now, I find I have something else called: zBiddy dot com. I'll explain further at our meeting.
I would include a picture with this but after my hassles with the above, I'm not in the mood.

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