April 1, 2012

Computer/Photography Group

Hello All!  Please Note: This meeting is cancelled because there will be a big Spring Clean up tomorrow.
I need to let you know that I will not be at Tuesday's Photography group meeting. Alice and I are going to Vancouver for the day to celebrate/visit her Dad on his 95th birthday.
I don't want to let you photographers off the hook and will put you on pins and needles. 
The assignment which you may or may not take on is as suggested below.
Practice close up photography of whatever strikes your fancy. Use different ISO, f-stop and shutter speeds. This works best using a tripod. See how the depth of field changes with f-stop changes. Check to see at what ISO your camera starts to show noise.
Above all have fun doing it and share your results.
Just to prove my point - here are pictures of pins and needles.


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