May 18, 2011

Womens Walking

Lucky once again ! Raining when we left the Legion but had stopped when
we arrived at Cherry Point beach.An interesting walk with many seashore
creatures to see.Starfish of different colours,crabs,moonsnails,eagles and
a Killdeer that had built her nest out on the open beach (in our path) She
was very protective of her one speckled egg. Walking in the sand for some
distance is quite a workout so we were ready for a good cup of coffee at
the Legion.There will not be a walk this monday,Victoria Day.May 30th
may be a local walk, possibly the Cowichan Bay area.June 6th we are
planning for a trip to walk Thetis Lake Park and then on to the Six Mile
Pub for lunch.See you at the Legion at 10 am for the 30th and at 9:30am
on monday, June 6th. Enjoy the sunny,Victoria Day holiday !    V.M.

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