May 16, 2011

Men's walking group

Well we didn't attempt the big trees because of all the rain. I hope we can do it latter. We had a good walk in Kingburn park, got a glimpse of the Monastery and lots of water in the Kokasilah river. and good coffee after at the Legion. Thanks for driving Bill & Harry. Next week I will be away making my fortune in the Gold fields. so you can do that hike you always wanted to do but I didn't pick it, ha anyway have fun and I will see you all on the 30th May and our special trip to Salt Spring. We will leave at the normal time 8.30 get the 9:45 ferry from Crofton, with our lunch and we will spend the day having supper in Ganges getting home in the evening 7 or 8 pm I hope to get a 15 passenger van for the trip. It should cost us 5 to 10 dollars each plus dinner. any questions please call me . Tks

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