February 14, 2011

Computer/Photography Group

Tomorrow we will talk about computer programs.

I don't know how many of you have purchased and paid for items
There are different ways to do it.
You can use your credit card. Pay
is very popular. You need to sign up for this and transfer money
into that account, usually using your credit card. PayPal charges about 3% of
the puchase price. Many banks and the credit union offers
Hyperwallet. Again you need to sign up for this. Another way is
to use Interac to transfer money from your account directly
into the vendor's account. I don't buy merchandise a lot over the internet, but
I have used each of these services and have had no problems. I will go over some
of the details and the pros and cons of each.
As time permits: THE INS AND OUTS OF

If you are a reader, you will have heard of ebooks. Simply,
this feature let's you read your books on your computer, iPad, Kindle or other
tablets. There are many sites that allow you to download books for free(Older
non copywrited titles) or purchase new books online to download to your ebook
program. A paperback book that might cost around $30 will be available for about
$10 by ebook.
Just recently public libraries have started ebook loan
programs. You need to sign up with your library card, no fees. This can all be
done online. The ebook loans are good for 3 weeks and will automatically
expire(no late fee penaltys).
We will get into more details if you are
By the way: if you go here you can follow the Kinsel Trestle
progress. http://www.earthcam.com/clients/britishcolumbia/KinsolTrestle/ 
I found it very slow to load but eventually it came up. The deck and guard rails
are there about halfway.


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