September 24, 2010



Our Tuesday morning meeting on September 28, 2010 will emphasize computer and related concerns.

A question came up as to what is a good printer to buy for general and quality photograph printing.  I did some research and found a site that allows you to specify what qualities you want to have in a printer and then recommends a printer to purchase.
This is the site:  Check it out.  We will do that also on Tuesday.  Some of the questions are a bit hard to understand and whatever way you answer, influences the end result.  It does give you a good idea what is available.
One should also always find more than only one research source and we will go to some other places for recommendations.
I will have some other computer topics to talk about and be sure to come with questions that we can collectively answer for you. 

See you all on Tuesday!


  These blackberries have nothing to do with computing.
   I thought they looked appetizing.                                                                                    

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